Real-time Logging for IronWorker with Logentries (repost)

Real-time logging of workers tasks is a popular feature in IronWorker. We provide an interface to third-party logging components and services which allows you to send your log output to any syslog endpoint and see the output in real-time.

Prior to this, you had to wait for your task to finish before being able to view a log file within the IronWorker system. To capture and view the data, you can run your own syslog server or you can use logging services such as Papertrail, Loggly, and Logentries.

Quentin Rousseau wrote a great post that shows the steps to connect with Logentries, a leading SaaS service for log management and real-time analytic. It’s a simple process that takes about as long to read as it does to get connected and start viewing log files.

Here’s an excerpt from the post.

When you a executing a job with Iron Worker Service and writing logs on STDOUT you have to wait that the job is terminated to read the log file. Not very convenient if want to see your logs in real time right ?

Iron blog wrote a post about how setup real-time logging with Papertrail.

This post is how setup real time logging with Logentries.



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Quentin Rousseau is full-stack engineer working at DOWN in San Francisco, CA. He’s an IT Engineer Graduate from Télécom Bretagne (Brest, FR) and worked at Onefeat for 2 years prior to his current role. (@quentinrousseau)

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