adds as an endpoint for message queueing + = Integration Goodness

IronMQ has just been added as an endpoint for message queueing within provides a single gateway that lets developers, marketers, and analysts pipe logs, metrics, user actions, and other key app data to hundreds of other applications and tools.

The API acts as a control for other analytics tools, allowing developers to integrate one single API in place of many.

Using’s API lets an engineer implement tracking once within an application and then it will automatically translate/implement every third-party tag via their gateway. The net effect is that a developer or marketer can just push an “on” button to enable a new tool. + Message Queueing

There are a number of key advantages for using message queuing in combination with For example, in some situations, the data streams or webhook requests coming out of the Segment API can overload systems on the receiving end.

In these cases, IronMQ is a great solution because it can act as a buffer. It also keeps events in FIFO, has a storage duration of up to 30 days, and provides developers with the ability to build out custom workflows.

We’ll be going deeper into the subject in subsequent posts and dev center articles but here are just a few of the use cases why using a message queue as a endpoint can make a lot of sense.

•  Buffer and persist data for processing at a later time.
•  Extract, translate, and load data into tools such as AWS’s Redshift, Salesforce, and other custom tools.
•  Process data on-the-fly asynchronously using IronWorker.

To learn more about how message queues can help increase system reliability and handle data spikes, check out this article on top uses of a message queue.

To integrate IronMQ into, head to their Integration Center for simple instructions that will get you up and running in minutes.

Did you know we’ve added @getiron ( as an integration for message queuing? Check out the docs to get started
— Segment (@segmentio) August 14, 2014

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