The Console (HUD) Version 4 Released – Better all around

The New HUD

The latest update to the user interface, otherwise known as HUD, is live. Taking into account all the great user feedback we’ve received, we strived to make this release easier to use and nicer on the eyes. Here are some of the major changes:

Better Navigation

One of the main themes for this update was to make the navigation more project centric (it used to be service centric). This is because a single project has access to all services. For example, if you create a project called ‘Fivesquare – Production’ and that project uses all services, you can easily switch between IronMQ, IronWorker, and IronCache and the project context stays the same.


Find Important Things Quicker

Configuration data (project id and token) is available everywhere inside a selected project.


Same for project settings.


Better Sharing

Easy access to the sharing page so you can quickly and easily share projects with others. And it’s full of ajaxy goodness.


And It Just Plain Looks Better

The overall look and feel got a major upgrade.


We hope you like it!  Let us know what you think in the comments below. We take your feedback seriously.

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