AWS Fargate vs OpenShift Container Platform

How to Get Started with AWS Fargate: A Complete Guide Tutorial and Next Steps

vs Introduction Critical differences between AWS Fargate vs OpenShift Container Platform: AWS Fargate only works with AWS cloud services, while OpenShift has more collaboration options. OpenShift is an open-source solution while AWS Fargate keeps its coding secret. AWS Fargate is only available in select regions, while OpenShift Container Platform can operate anywhere. AWS Fargate and…

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Delivering on the Promise of Multicloud Lambda-like Functionality

In February, we launch a beta called Project Kratos. It promised to bring Lambda-like functionality to any cloud – public, private, hybrid or on-premises. As we quickly approach Q4, February seems like a long time ago, but so much has happened since then. Over the past seven months, serverless computing has gained momentum as more…

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Need a Mobile Backend? Try OpenShift. (SendGrid article)


SendGrid on Mobile Backend Services SendGrid put out a nice post on their blog the other day on what to look for with mobile backends. Kunal Batra is a developer evangelist at-large for SendGrid and did some work with Redhat’s OpenShift platform recently. In the post, Kunal lays out a simple case for why this platform…

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