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Pattern: Creating Task-Level Workers at Runtime

By Dylan Stamat | June 8, 2011

A type of topic appearing more and more frequently in StackOverflow and Quora are questions on general architecture and app design. We came across one the other day on approaches to queuing and scheduling workers.

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MongoSF Was Awesome

By Dylan Stamat | May 31, 2011

Had a great time at the MongoSF conference last week. Meghan Gill, Melia Jones, Max Schireson and the rest of the 10gen team put on a remarkable one-day event for all things Mongo and NoSQL. Some great companies presenting and displaying. MongoHQ, MongoLabs, DotCloud, Cloud Foundry were just a few.

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Quintupled Capacity Over the Past Week

By Dylan Stamat | May 22, 2011

Over the past week, we have seen tremendous usage growth on SimpleWorker. Our queues were getting backed up and our poor little workers just couldn’t keep up. Well we threw some horsepower at the problem… lots of horsepower, and now we’re running smooth again. Sorry for those who had extra long wait times, we’re growing…

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Workers + NoSQL

By Dylan Stamat | May 18, 2011

Chad Arimura will be speaking at the MongoSF conference next Tuesday, May 24th. He’ll be showing off the combination of SimpleWorker and MongoDB. As databases moves to more elastic and sharded NoSQL solutions like MongoDB, more and more processing moves from the data tier to the application tier. This shift makes background processing queues an…

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Shiny New User Interface Now Live

By Dylan Stamat | May 5, 2011

We’ve completed a major overhaul of the SimpleWorker interface and it is now live. The new interface is reorganized and redesigned for a much better user experience allowing you to manage and monitor your workers/jobs more effectively. Here are some sample screens:

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More Power to the Workers! Huge Performance Upgrade Went Out Last Night

By Dylan Stamat | April 19, 2011

Performance is one of our primary goals for SimpleWorker and we’re happy to announce that we pushed out some major infrastructural changes last night that show some huge improvements in run times for all workers across the board. Here are before/after results for a particular customer’s hourly usage.

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Support Forum Back Up (Tender Support +1)

By Dylan Stamat | April 17, 2011

Notice: April 17th 1:37pm PT TenderApp has resolved their issues and The SimpleWorker Support Forum and Knowledgebase is back online. Turns out the problem wasn’t a DDOS issue. They had a critical issue on a server. Sunday morning so compounded the issue. Here’s a tweet on it.

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Support Issue

By Dylan Stamat | April 17, 2011

Notice: Sunday, April 17th, 8:40am PT A third-party service we use for handling support is having difficulties this morning. We’re looking into the issue. What we’ve been able to determine at this point is that is they may be a victim of some DDOS attacks targeting one of their clients. We believe it should be…

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SimpleWorker Talk at Sydney Ruby on Rails Meetup, April 12

By Dylan Stamat | April 11, 2011

If you’re in or around Sydney, Australia tomorrow, be sure to check out the talk on SimpleWorker at the Ruby on Rails Oceania Meetup.

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Data 2.0 / Data as a Service

By Dylan Stamat | April 4, 2011

A few of SimpleWorker team are at the Data 2.0 conference in San Francisco. It’s a small conference but many of the companies changing the game how information is distributed, sold, processed, and stored are here. SimpleWorker and the idea of a simple scalable cloud-based worker system is getting a great reception from all corners…

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Use Any Gem You Want!

By Dylan Stamat | March 28, 2011

Ask And Ye Shall Receive… gems that is. The `merge_gem` feature is now in production and ready for use allowing you to use any gem you want. It will use the gems on your local file system so whatever you have available locally you can use. It’s very easy to use: More info. Note: If…

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Why IronWorker is Better than Heroku Workers / Delayed Job

By Dylan Stamat | March 10, 2011

First off, I would like to say that we use and love Heroku, the system they’ve built is game changing and 100% awesome, but their worker system is limited and does not meet our needs. Here’s the top 4 reasons why IronWorker is better than Heroku’s worker system and Delayed Job (Heroku’s system is based on Delayed…

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