Recent Posts at Heroku Waza

By Dylan Stamat | January 11, 2012

Hey All, Both Travis and I (co-founders) will be at Heroku Waza tomorrow in San Francisco. It’s Heroku’s first developer event and it’s taking place at Yoshi’s SF, a Japanese Restaurant and Jazz Club. Knowing Heroku, it’ll be a great event.

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By Dylan Stamat | December 7, 2011

It’s with great pleasure that we present to you our new brand and website, As a cloud application services provider, our goal is to eliminate having to worry about managing and scaling complex infrastructure.  Instead we want developers to focus on building great applications.

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IronWorker has a Shiny New Gem and a Shiny New API

By Dylan Stamat | November 7, 2011

Version 2 of the SimpleWorker API is now available featuring many new functions, a bunch of new documentation, and not to mention it is a LOT faster and more robust as it is has been rewritten from the ground up. And all this comes along with a shiny new Ruby gem. The new gem uses…

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Start Your Engines! SimpleWorker is now an Engine Yard Partner

By Dylan Stamat | September 9, 2011

Engine Yard has been hosting, deploying, managing and scaling Rails applications since before the “cloud” was cool and they’re still doing it, better than ever and with more “cloud” than ever. And as of this week, we’re happy and proud to be one of their Platform Services partners. If you’re using Engine Yard and…

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Video Series – Episode 2: Scheduling

By Dylan Stamat | August 30, 2011

Hey All, Here’s the second video in my tutorial series. In under 3 minutes I demonstrate how to schedule a worker that posts to Twitter, and even show the code involved, which is a grand total of about 50 lines.

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Video Series – Episode 1: Getting Started

By Dylan Stamat | August 25, 2011

Hey All, I’m starting a video series to help new and current customers get the most out of the SimpleWorker service. Here’s the first edition, creatively titled “Getting Started“.  It is a 2 minute walkthrough from signup to running workers that you can emulate exactly to help get you started using background processing as a…

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New Release: Job Fairness, More Generic Backend and New Gem

By Dylan Stamat | August 12, 2011

Hi all, we pushed out a major new release a couple of nights ago and it is a big step forward in a couple of areas:  fairness amongst all users in the system and a more generic backend to allow any Ruby code to run, more on that below.

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Heroku + SimpleWorker = General Availability

By Dylan Stamat | August 11, 2011

SimpleWorker is now available as General Availability in the Heroku Add-ons Catalog! In other words, we’re out of private beta and anyone can sign up for use with Heroku. W00t!

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SimpleWorker is a Citrix Accelerator Finalist!

By Dylan Stamat | July 15, 2011

We’re proud to announce that SimpleWorker is a finalist in the Citrix Global Challenge 2011.  Hundreds of companies were vetted and distilled down to 12 finalists based on a number of criterion, a couple of which I will highlight.

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Anti-Pattern: Lots of Scheduled Jobs

By Dylan Stamat | July 13, 2011

IronWorker provides an easy way to schedule jobs in the cloud without being tied to a particular server. Think Cron in the cloud.)

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Post Twitter Updates to HipChat using SimpleWorker – No Server Required

By Dylan Stamat | June 14, 2011

We use HipChat for internal communications at SimpleWorker and one of the great things about it is that it has a nice API allowing you to do some cool things like post messages to a chat room programmatically. One thing I wanted to be notified about was when someone mentioned SimpleWorker on Twitter and what better…

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How to Build a Serverless Search Engine with SimpleWorker and IndexTank

By Dylan Stamat | June 13, 2011

Our friends over at IndexTank recently posted an article on how to create a search page using IndexTank and SimpleWorker. SimpleWorker to gather data from a remote service, in this case Plixi, and IndexTank to index that data for searching. SimpleWorker is great for collecting and keeping data up to date because you can schedule a…

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