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Start Your Engines! SimpleWorker is now an Engine Yard Partner

By Iron | September 9, 2011

Engine Yard has been hosting, deploying, managing and scaling Rails applications since before the “cloud” was cool and they’re still…

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Video Series – Episode 2: Scheduling

By Iron | August 30, 2011

Hey All, Here’s the second video in my tutorial series. In under 3 minutes I demonstrate how to schedule a…

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Video Series – Episode 1: Getting Started

By Iron | August 25, 2011

Hey All, I’m starting a video series to help new and current customers get the most out of the SimpleWorker…

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New Release: Job Fairness, More Generic Backend and New Gem

By Iron | August 12, 2011

Hi all, we pushed out a major new release a couple of nights ago and it is a big step…

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Heroku + SimpleWorker = General Availability

By Iron | August 11, 2011

SimpleWorker is now available as General Availability in the Heroku Add-ons Catalog! In other words, we’re out of private beta…

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SimpleWorker is a Citrix Accelerator Finalist!

By Iron | July 15, 2011

We’re proud to announce that SimpleWorker is a finalist in the Citrix Global Challenge 2011. ┬áHundreds of companies were vetted…

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Anti-Pattern: Lots of Scheduled Jobs

By Iron | July 13, 2011

IronWorker provides an easy way to schedule jobs in the cloud without being tied to a particular server. Think Cron…

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Post Twitter Updates to HipChat using SimpleWorker – No Server Required

By Iron | June 14, 2011

We use HipChat for internal communications at SimpleWorker and one of the great things about it is that it has…

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How to Build a Serverless Search Engine with SimpleWorker and IndexTank

By Iron | June 13, 2011

Our friends over at IndexTank┬árecently posted an article on how to create a search page using IndexTank and SimpleWorker. SimpleWorker…

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Pattern: Creating Task-Level Workers at Runtime

By Iron | June 8, 2011

Overview A type of topic appearing more and more frequently in StackOverflow and Quora are questions on general architecture and…

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MongoSF Was Awesome

By Iron | May 31, 2011

Had a great time at the MongoSF conference last week. Meghan Gill, Melia Jones, Max Schireson and the rest of…

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Quintupled Capacity Over the Past Week

By Iron | May 22, 2011

Over the past week, we have seen tremendous usage growth on SimpleWorker. Our queues were getting backed up and our…

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