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DevOps Best Practices

DevOps Best Practices

By Nick | June 26, 2020

Evolution is the key to survival. This is not only true for living organisms but also for companies. DevOps is…

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What Is DevOps

What is DevOps? A Comprehensive Guide

By Nick | June 25, 2020

DevOps is a buzzword that sometimes means different things depending on who you ask. The actual definition of DevOps is…

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aws fargate image

AWS Fargate: Overview

By Nick | June 3, 2020

AWS Fargate is a serverless container management service (container as a service) that allows developers to focus on their application…

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Simple way to offload container based background jobs

By Nick | May 12, 2020

What are container based background jobs? Every web application needs to handle background jobs. A “background job” is a process…

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Sending SMS notifications

By Nick | March 31, 2020

A very common use case for using a service like Ringcaptcha is to be able to schedule SMS’s or calls.…

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Sending Email & SMS Notifications

By Nick | March 23, 2020

Sending notifications is key to delivering great service. A growing user base means distributing the effort and shrinking the time…

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Kafka vs. IronMQ: Comparison and Reviews

By Dylan Stamat | October 7, 2019

What is a Messaging System? Companies are now collecting and analyzing more information than ever before and using more and…

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The True Value of 2FA Phone Verification (And Why You Need It Now)

By Dylan Stamat | September 26, 2019

Data breaches are getting more common these days with increased globalization and the accessible networks of the internet. This has…

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Serverless Abstraction with Containers Explained

By Dylan Stamat | August 27, 2019

Introduction With the rapid growth of cloud computing, the “as a service” business model is slowly growing to dominate the…

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By Dylan Stamat | June 20, 2019

Since releasing our flagship product in early 2011, customers have enjoyed tightly coupled hosted solutions with Amazon Web Services…

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Amazon EKS alternatives

Amazon EKS Alternatives and Review

By Nick | May 20, 2019

Amazon EKS: Alternatives and Review Kubernetes is one of the most popular choices for automating and managing Linux container operations.…

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DockerCon 2019 Unofficial Drink-Up Wrap

By Dylan Stamat | May 6, 2019

In short, it rocked! We had a great time with old and new friends alike. Thanks to everyone who made…

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