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Guest Post: Using IronCache as a Persistent Key Value Store for Real-time Chat

By Iron | September 7, 2012

While IronCache is a great option for caching, it can also be used to persist data more permanently. There are…

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Web Crawling at Scale with Nokogiri and IronWorker (Part 1)

By Iron | August 22, 2012

This is a two-part post focusing on using Nokogiri and IronWorker to crawl websites and process web pages. Part two…

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Elastic, Highly Available Backend for Delayed Job: IronMQ

By Iron | August 14, 2012

Want an easy, scalable, highly available, zero maintenance Delayed Job backend?  Look no further. Here’s a Delayed Job (DJ) backend gem that…

Read More @ Box Hackathon (#redefiningwork)

By Iron | August 14, 2012

The community team just got back from the #RedefiningWork | Box Hackathon this weekend. It was a fantastic event…

Read More @ eCommerce Hack Day

By Iron | August 13, 2012

Last weekend the DevEx team at was at the eCommerce Hack Day in New York City. It was hosted by…

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IronWorker’s Most Requested Feature is Here: Max Concurrency

By Iron | August 6, 2012

Overview Too many lemmings and you’ve got a problem. Being able to limit how many worker tasks can run at…

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IronMQ + EngineYard

By Iron | August 2, 2012

  We’re pleased to announce IronMQ is now a preferred add-on on the Engine Yard platform. IronMQ joins IronWorker on Engine…

Read More + eCommerce Hack Day (Dwolla/Etsy)

By Iron | July 31, 2012 is excited to be a prize sponsor of the upcoming eCommerce Hack Day. It’s put on by Dwolla and Etsy and is the…

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.NET Just Got Some Iron Behind It

By Iron | July 25, 2012

IronWorker now supports .NET so you can run .NET code at scale. Let your .NET workers process big data, send…

Read More + Box Hackathon

By Iron | July 19, 2012 is excited to be a sponsor of the upcoming Box Hackathon. The theme is Redefining Work and it’ll be held…

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Serverless PhantomJS with IronWorker

By Iron | July 11, 2012

PhantomJS is a headless WebKit with Javascript API. From it’s website, “It has fast and native support for various web…

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Guest Post: + Team Healthify = Hacking Change in Healthcare

By Iron | July 9, 2012

Sabrina Atienza and George Ramonov are emerging experts in the areas of big data and healthcare information. This is their story…

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